Welcome to www.horse-oz.com

Welcome to www.horse-oz.com

This site contains lists of equestrian events throughout Australia, program guides and entry forms when the relevant club has submitted them for the site.There is no cost for having your club’s event listed on the calendar, at very reasonable rates your programme and entry form can be on site. Competitors are able to received programmes immediately.This site is for any equestrian happening, let every body know what your group is doing, so they can join you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our site. This site is updated weekly.
Congratulation and best wishes to our Olympic Equestrian Team, and all the Australian Olympic Teams from www.horse.oz.comThere will be no body manning horse-oz.com for a couple of weeks as I am a volunteer at Horsley Park. If you haven’t seen Horsley Park it is the most wonderful equestrian venue we could wish to have, The area is 440ha, There is a main arena, indoor arena with final warm up area, 240 stable complex, 20 lunging rings, 14 sand arenas, five hacking arenas and 25 kms cross country course including steeplechase track and jumps.”

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